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Hospital Birth 101 

Postpartum Planning 


Birth and Postpartum Planning

Email me at to schedule a planning session. I look forward to hearing from you!

Hospital Birth 101: $225

  • 2.5 hour private session for new and new-again couples planning a hospital birth.

  • Facilitated by a local L&D nurse with over a decade of experience working with moms and babies in the childbearing year.

  • The most powerful indicator of a good birth experience is not whether or not things go "according to plan", but rather that the birthing parent feels autonomy over their body. It is not how a labor "goes", but rather how a we are treated in birth that the birthing parent remembers for the rest of their life. 

  • This session will help you establish what you truly care about, what you kind of care about, and what doesn't matter so much to you. For example - Maybe you REALLY want to make sure to have delayed cord clamping for 5 whole minutes. The hospital policy is to let the cord pulse for 1 minute. I'll teach you how to find out what the normal protocol is, and how to advocate for longer if that's something you feel strongly about. I'll also give you a heads up on why your provider might clamp sooner and how to mitigate that. I'll help you figure things out like - your partner really DOESN'T want to cut the cord. Great. It's good to know! We will talk about all things from food in labor to hospital protocols, and more. I want you to not feel blindsided by things you didn't realize would happen when you show up in labor. 

  • Planning a natural birth? Epidural? Nitrous? I want to support and educate you to have the birth experience that is right for you and your baby - I have zero agenda around how you birth your baby. I have supported hundreds of mothers over the years to have beautiful births in so many different ways. 

  • Option to add on additional email or text support or a follow up call if, for example, your provider schedules an induction (Inductions are a whole other ball game and deserve a prep class of their own).

  • Following the session I will send you a few fun birth plan templates you can choose from that your birth team will enjoy. 

  • Access to my birth and postpartum book library.

Postpartum Planning Package: $225

  • 2.5 hour private session for new and new-again couples, facilitated by a local L&D nurse.

  • A copy of Build Your Nest: a postpartum planning workbook.

  • Customized support to help you understand your needs and gather the resources you need to be nurtured in the months following birth, so that you can nurture and bond with your little one. 

  • Access to my birth and postpartum book library. 

  • Personal referrals and references to our local perinatal community. 

Birth & Postpartum Planning Bundle: $400

  • Includes everything from Hospital Birth 101 AND the Postpartum Planning Package, with $50 off! 

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