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Jasmiene HamiltonPOWEr

Jasmiene is a local Labor & Delivery nurse on a mission to change the way women perceive and experience the first months after giving birth, also known as the postpartum period. She grew up in Petaluma, which makes this community near and dear to her heart. Before nursing school Jasmiene was a birth doula and massage therapist specializing in prenatal and postnatal massage. Though she brings knowledge from her professional experience to the facilitator role, more importantly she draws from her own two vastly different postpartum experiences. Both of her postpartum experiences have had lasting impacts on her overall health and her experience as a mother for years to come. 


Too often in our culture, women experience new motherhood isolated and alone and without the resources needed to heal and thrive. Inherent in this time is a deep need for community and a space to connect and be witnessed by other women going through a similar experience.


A version of this offering has been percolating for some time, but it was brought to life and given form by the work of Kerry Ingram and her course Community Supported Postpartum.

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